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Video: NJK Autumn Regatta 2015

Autumn winds and cloudy weather called for video recording. Video footage is from one race on Friday when the wind was above 15 m/s and increasing. Results of the regatta.

Secret Spot Kitesurfers

The last surf season never ended and the surfers have been able to surf on seawater or icesurfing through the whole winter. First signs of spring were seen on Sunday 8th of March when more than 20 enthusiastic kitesurfers were surfing at the Secret spot. Thanks to all cool women Rita de Kite and icemen Fredrik Dow, Marek Hintze, Tom Jungell and special thanks to, Jändo Mikkser, Jouni Lehtonen and Ken Nossenko for all the tricks. It was a really […]

Winter Windsurfing Finnish Nationals 2015

Winter Windsurfing Finnish Nationals and European Championship, sailed in Espoo at Soukanlahti. The weather was not the best possible, but at least there was ice and wind, which is the minimum requirement for racing. Results are available at the Event Facebook page.

Video: Kitesurfing in Hanko 2014

Second video edited from footage recorded in July. Some kitesurfers enjoying the warm and windy summer at Tulliniemi beach in Hanko, Finland.

Video: Surfers in Hanko 2014

On 10th and 11th of July the wind and weather was perfect for surfing at the Tulliniemi beach in Hanko. Had the oppor-tunity to test the new watertight videocamera from the beach and also standing in the water. After most time consuming editing work the video is now ready. Waiting for the autumn storms to go back filming in even rougher weather.

Pro Sailor Race 2014, HSK

First race in the Finnish offshore ranking 2014 series, Pro Sailor Race, was sailed under quite perfect weather conditions. The sun was shining and the eastern wind was warm and of ideal strength. Totally 24 yachts were racing in three separate ORC classes. Please check the 60 photographs or the video. Results: ORC1, ORC2, ORC3