History and philosophy of Sailpix

After about 15 years race sailing with our 6mr yacht “Off Course” the interest for photographing these beautiful 6mR yachts and the social happenings started to be more interesting. Many of the first year pictures on the website are taken from the yacht during the races. In 2006 “Off Course” had a good year with a seamlessly working 4 men crew (normally 6mR yachts race with a crew of 5) and won the 6mR Class Championship and also the total Finnish 6mR ranking. In 2009 I invested in an own RIB, which really gave the freedom to photograph whenever I wanted, so I included also other classes than the 6mR and 8mR classics in the portfolio.

The principle in developing Sailpix to an interesting photo website for sailors has been: “every year something more and better”, so the slideshow format, picture resolution and JPG-file quality have been upgraded stepwise during the years and the cameras and lenses have been updated periodically as well. I want to learn photographing new classes every year, but try to avoid flying around too much from one race to another during a weekend.

Commercially Sailpix has no big targets. As long as most of the sailors, race officials and other people around sailing in Finland do it on voluntary basis as hobby, I don’t expect more than get some of the costs covered. Getting good photographs for the sailors from their best sailing experiences is a part of the show. I hope the pictures will last longer than your memory.


Sailpix’ contact info

Erik Lähteenmäki
phone: +358 400 199 950

Visiting address: / Kulturvärk i Hangö
Hamngatan 2
10900 Hangö