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Melges World Championships 2017

Melges 24 World Championships organised by Helsingfors Segelklubb from the 31st of July to 4th of August 2017. I had the honor and pleasure to photograph these World class sailors during Thursday the 3rd in a strong 12-14 m/s wind and clear and sunny weather, woohoo!! Please have patience, because the best downwind spinnaker photos are at the end. Pure sailing pleasure. I was trying to get as many teams as possible photographed, therefore so many (156) photos. My apologies […]

Melges 24 Finnish Nationals, FSRO

First race sailing day at the Melges 24 Finnish Nationals was sailed in really challenging light wind between 1-4 m/s. Photos are from the first race of total three. Normally it is really hard to follow these these fast guys and get them into focus, but today there was all the time needed and even more.. N91_1444_DxO N91_1453_DxO N76_7466_DxO N76_7470_DxO N76_7478_DxO N91_1468_DxO N91_1474_DxO N91_1475_DxO N91_1477_DxO N91_1479_DxO N91_1483_DxO N91_1490_DxO N91_1495_DxO N91_1498_DxO N91_1502_DxO N91_1505_DxO N91_1506_DxO N91_1507_DxO N91_1509_DxO N91_1512_DxO   RESULTS after the first [...]

Lohja Race 2015

Lohjan Purjehtijat organized a ranking race weekend at lake Lohjanjärvi for three laser classes (Standard, Radial, 4,7), Melges 24, Snipe and RS-X raceboard. On Sunday the wind was quite strong (around 10 m/s) and every now and then also the sun was shining. This was also the first ever Sailpix photo session on a lake. Results from Lohjan purjehtijat webpage.  

Melges Finnish Championship 2014, EMK

The Melges 24 Finnish National Champion 2014 is “Lenny” EST790 helmed by Tonu Toniste. Lenny won five races of eight and ended at 10 points followed by “Fundanything.com” with 16 points and at third place “Navy Sailing” with 18 points. Photographs are from Saturday first and second race in good wind where the downwind speed of the boats got at it’s best up to 18 knots.  Really sorry I didn’t get photos of “Lenny – the winner” in downwind action. Didn’t […]

Fundanything.com – Melges 24

Photo collection of Melges 24 yacht Fundanything.com helmed by Tomi Hakola. If you are wondering what this “Fund anything” means, this is what their webpage tells: “FundAnything is a fast, easy way to raise money online. Individuals or groups can create campaigns that highlight their personal stories or causes and explain in detail what they are trying to achieve by raising money.  The possibilities are limitless. You can use FundAnything to raise money for a business idea, tuition, medical emergency, volunteer […]

Melges 24 Finnish Championship 2013, HSK

Melges 24 Finnish Championship organized by HSK. Pictures from both Saturday and Sunday. View Slideshow  

Melges 24 and 606 Ranking 2013, NJK

Melges and 606 ranking weekend organized by NJK. Wind around 10 m/s and sunny. Hard to follow Melges surfers and after half an hour the photographing joy ended finally with water in boats electrical systems which had me paddeling the RIB home to HSK. Last three Melges pictures are taken while paddeling. Open Slideshow  

Melges 24 Ranking 2012, NJK

Melges 24 Estonian-Finnish ranking nr.2 organized by NJK. Pictures from Saturday and Sunday. Open Slideshow  

Melges 24 Ranking 2012, EMK

Melges 24 Ranking series started today at EMK. Here some pictures from the first two starts in wind blowing from North and sun shining from South. Open Slideshow  

Melges 24 Finnish Championship 2011, EMK

Melges 24 Finnish Championship second day, in sun and medium wind outside of Kytö island. Open Slideshow