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Restoration of 6mR Renata, part III

Visited Peter Granström at Tammisaaren Veneveistämö for the third time to follow up with progress of restoration of the 6mR Renata. At the moment the hull looks like a skeleton, which is getting a new spine as the new keel stock and stem are being installed. A lot of caution is also set in restoring the original shape of the hull as it has changed during its long life since 1927. The original drawings have been compared to the 3D […]

Restoration of 6mR Renata, part II

The restoration of 6mR yacht Renata continues at Ekenäs Båtvarv. The hull has been measured with high precision and compared to the original drawings. Boat builder Peter Granström has now made the first parts of new wood from Touchwood BV in the Netherlands. These are the parts that form the lengthwise shape of the hull, so the precision and connection angles between the parts are critical for a successful renovation. Sailpix will be following the project. Earlier photos (part 1).

Restoration of 6mR Renata, part I

The restoration of the 6mR yacht Renata has recently started at Ekenäs Båtvarv. Club Renata, owner of the yacht, will bring the yacht back to it’s original year 1928 condition. Renata is a very important 6mR yacht in the Finnish race sailing history. See Finnish 6 Metre Associations Renata-page. Sailpix has visited Ekenäs Båtvarv together with Jorma Rautapää to hear Peter Granström telling about the first steps in the restoration. Sailpix will be following the project.   Please, also check Jorma Rautapää’s – Sails […]

Finnish Boatyards 2010

Pictures from 4 Finnish Boatyards (Wilenius Båtvarv, Emsalö Båtupplag, Finnish Wooden Boat Center, M-Yachts) taking care of our classic wooden boats and also more modern plastic ones. Tour made together with Jorma Rautapää, whose pictures from the same trip available at his webpage Sails and Sea.