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Tulliniemi windsurfers 2016

Stayed less than an hour at the Tulliniemi beach, but anyhow I managed to get some nice photos of the windsurfers. Recognized only Vesa Poutainen, whom I have on video from earlier. These photos are available in full resolution HERE  

RS:X windsurfer women

First time ever I had the opportunity to photograph absolute world top RS:X windsurfer women training. This is Ingrid Puusta from Estonia and Tuuli Petäjä-Sirén from Finland, both Top20 ISAF ranked windsurfers, preparing for the RS:X class European Championships in Helsinki 2nd to 7th of July and for the Rio Olympics. The coach is Matthew Rickard and the third windsurfer (FIN-56) is Alexandra Blinnikka.

Lohja Race 2015

Lohjan Purjehtijat organized a ranking race weekend at lake Lohjanjärvi for three laser classes (Standard, Radial, 4,7), Melges 24, Snipe and RS-X raceboard. On Sunday the wind was quite strong (around 10 m/s) and every now and then also the sun was shining. This was also the first ever Sailpix photo session on a lake. Results from Lohjan purjehtijat webpage.  

Winter Windsurfing Finnish Nationals 2015

Winter Windsurfing Finnish Nationals and European Championship, sailed in Espoo at Soukanlahti. The weather was not the best possible, but at least there was ice and wind, which is the minimum requirement for racing. Results are available at the Event Facebook page.

Video: Surfers in Hanko 2014

On 10th and 11th of July the wind and weather was perfect for surfing at the Tulliniemi beach in Hanko. Had the oppor-tunity to test the new watertight videocamera from the beach and also standing in the water. After most time consuming editing work the video is now ready. Waiting for the autumn storms to go back filming in even rougher weather.

Surfers in Hanko 2014

Enjoying vacation in Hanko and had the opportunity to photograph some wind and kite surfers on the famous Tulliniemi beach which is located at the most southern cape in Finland. Wind somewhere around 15 m/s and sunny clear sky. What else do you need for a perfect photography day. Enjoy the summer.  

Lauttasaari Surfers at Sunset

Just a couple of photos of some surfers outside of Lauttasaari (Ferry Island, Helsinki) catched in the evening sun while photographing NJK juniors training. View Slideshow  

Formula Raceboard at Mellsten 2012, EMK

Formula Raceboards at Mellsten in light wind after long lunch, watching icehockey. Open Slideshow  

Surfers in Hanko

Surfers at Tulliniemi beach in Hanko in up to 25 m/s wind.