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606 Finnish Championship 2014, BS

Brändö Seglare organized the Finnish Championship for the 606 class and 29 boats were competing during the three day long race weekend. Although it was September already the wind was light and weather quite warm during the whole event. The Finnish Champions are Staffan Lindberg with Emil Nordlund from ÅSS. Photos are from Saturday third race. Results.

Musto Classic 2013, BS

Musto Classic regatta organized by BS had some dramatic collissions and one broken rig this year. These pictures are from the peaceful Sunday afternoon. Musto_2013_results. View Slideshow  

Musto Classic 2011, BS

Musto Classic at Brändö Seglare with 8mR, 6mR, Dragon, 5m, Star, Hai and Folkboat. Musto_2011_results. Open Slideshow  

Musto Classic 2009, BS

Second start on Sunday, when 6mR Jolanda breaks her rig.  

Musto Classic 2008, BS

Pictures from the race on Saturday.  

Musto Classic 2006, BS

P8274179_Sailpix_2006 P8274180_Sailpix_2006 P8274181_Sailpix_2006 P8274183_Sailpix_2006 P8274187_Sailpix_2006 P8274190_Sailpix_2006 P8274191_Sailpix_2006 P8274192_Sailpix_2006 P8274195_Sailpix_2006 P8274198_Sailpix_2006 P8264155_Sailpix_2006 P8264157_Sailpix_2006 P8264159_Sailpix_2006 P8264160_Sailpix_2006 P8264162_Sailpix_2006 P8264163_Sailpix_2006 P8264165_Sailpix_2006 P8264166_Sailpix_2006 P8264167_Sailpix_2006 P8264168_Sailpix_2006 P8264169_Sailpix_2006 P8274171_Sailpix_2006 P8274175_Sailpix_2006 P8274176_Sailpix_2006 P8274177_Sailpix_2006 P8274178_Sailpix_2006 IMG_1565_Sailpix_2006 IMG_1566_Sailpix_2006 IMG_1567_Sailpix_2006 IMG_1568_Sailpix_2006 IMG_1569_Sailpix_2006 IMG_1572_Sailpix_2006