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Folkboat Finnish Championship 2018, SPS

The Finnish Championship regatta for Nordic Folkboat was organised this year by Suomalainen Pursiseura in Helsinki. Photos are from the two last races of the regatta on Sunday in good wind and waves and mainly sunny weather. Could be this was the last warm weekend of the summer. Let’s see.   RESULTS on the organisers webpage.

F18 Finnish Championship 2015, SPS

Formula 18 catamarans Finnish Championships organized by Suomalainen Pursiseura (SPS). First race day Friday was rainy in the morning but late in the afternoon the sun was partly shining. Wind was decreasing, but the SPS race committee managed to organize three races in the varying wind. Saturday was a perfect race sailing day with good wind and just some random clouds. Really sporty racing throughout the day. RESULTS from the SPS webpage. Photos from Saturday Photos from Friday (please use the […]

Formula 18 ranking 2013, SPS

Formula 18 Ranking organized by SPS. View Slideshow  

Folkboat Finnish Championship 2012, SPS

Folkboat Finnish Championship organized by SPS. Pictures from Saturday first race. Check also if you were there in 2007 when it was arranged by HUS in Hanko. Open Slideshow  

Helsinki Regatta 2012

Helsinki Regatta photos in four separate slideshows: 8mR, 6mR, 5m, Folkboat on Saturday Dragon, Star H-boat on Saturday 470, Finn on Sunday 505, Snipe, Europe-dinghy on Sunday

Helsinki Regatta 2010

Summer heat sailing in the Helsinki Regatta keelboat classes. Althought non-existing wind some of the boats managed to race under the maximum race time of 3 hours. Lots of fun and happy faces after the race.  

Helsinki Regatta 2009

Pictures from Friday and Sunday races with Dragon, 6mR and 8mR classes. Pictures taken by Riku Oinonen.  

Helsinki Regatta 2008

8mR, 6mR, 5m and Folkboat class pictures. Lefa Böckelman lent the RIB and my camera as I was sailing on the 6mR yacht Off Course.  

Helsinki Regatta 2007

Helsinki Regatta in light wind.