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Lauttasaari Open 2016 #1

Lauttasaaren leijalautailijat organized an open kiteboarding trick training on the 9th of August 2016. The tricks were registered from the shore and are listed on their webpage. This was a good opportunity for photographing in the water with drysuit, diving flippers, floating vest on and the camera in a watertight bag. First photos in the slideshow are taken from the shore, but after about one third the photos are taken swimming or floating in the water.

Kiteboarding season opening

The cold winter eased for a while at the end of January. Ice and snow melted from some of the beaches in Hanko, the most southern city of Finland. Immediately a group of kiteboarders gathered to enjoy the open sea and opening of the kiteboarding season 2016. While waiting for all kiteboarders I had the opportunity to get some photos of knee-injured Rita de Kite, one of the central persons in Hanko kiteboarders.     Jändö Mikkser performing a frontside […]

November kiteboarding at Secret

In November I had the opportunity to make photographs and some video at a famous kiteboarding beach a couple of times. Among kiteboarders the place is called “Secret”. Probably the place got it’s nickname from the hard to find location. It’s also not available for kiters during the holiday season from June to end of August, because it’s used by ordinary people in the area for swimming. For this November project I bought a drysuit to be able to stay […]

Video: Kitesurfing in Hanko 2015

The most Southern town in Finland, Hanko, offers some good spots for kitesurfing as you can move around the peninsula with the wind. Here a short video of kitesurfers enjoying the warm and fresh autumn Southwest wind. Pietari Luoto, Chip Gylfe, Sini Lähdekorpi, Robin Lindqvist, Marek Hintze, Samuli Hintikka, Saila Innanen, Henrik Ulfves, Janne Kulmavuori and Rita Dekite, with speed measured 27.80 knots.

Kitesurfers in Hanko

There has not been too many opportunities for good windsurfing in warm and sunny weather in Hanko this summer. I was lucky to be out behind The House Of The Four Winds today and was able to catch some of these sporty guys, who are living at the shoreline for the most time of the year.    

Secret Spot Kitesurfers

The last surf season never ended and the surfers have been able to surf on seawater or icesurfing through the whole winter. First signs of spring were seen on Sunday 8th of March when more than 20 enthusiastic kitesurfers were surfing at the Secret spot. Thanks to all cool women Rita de Kite and icemen Fredrik Dow, Marek Hintze, Tom Jungell and special thanks to, Jändo Mikkser, Jouni Lehtonen and Ken Nossenko for all the tricks. It was a really […]

Video: Kitesurfing in Hanko 2014

Second video edited from footage recorded in July. Some kitesurfers enjoying the warm and windy summer at Tulliniemi beach in Hanko, Finland.

Season end 2014

Last time out with the RIB photographing seaside action. HSS Sailing Center season end and two funny kitesurfers in Merisatama, Helsinki.  

Surfers in Hanko 2014

Enjoying vacation in Hanko and had the opportunity to photograph some wind and kite surfers on the famous Tulliniemi beach which is located at the most southern cape in Finland. Wind somewhere around 15 m/s and sunny clear sky. What else do you need for a perfect photography day. Enjoy the summer.  

Kitesurfers in Lauttasaari (Ferry Island), Helsinki

Kiteboarders at Lauttasaari Casino Beach enjoying sunny weather and good wind.