Youth Match Race Worlds, Day 3

Another hot sailing day in the Helsinki sauna. According to news this is the warmest week in 50 years, so can’t say that we remeber anything warmer. The light wind continued, but all planned flights were sailed to close the round robin. Eight best will continue to quarter finals.

Full results after round robin:

1 Joachim Aschenbrenner, Denmark
2 Sam Gilmour, Australia
3 Chris Steele, New Zealand
4 Mark Lees, Great Britain
5 Pierre Quiroga, France
6 Nevin Snow, USA
7 Valerio Galati, Italy
8 Tyler Rice, US Virgin Islands
9 Markus Rönnberg, Finland
10 Nelson Mettraux, Switzerland
11 Philip Bendon, Ireland
12 Jakob Klitte, Sweden
13 Florian Haufe, Germany
14 Vladislav Abramov, Russia
15 Slawomir Plichta, Poland

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