Lofoten Masters 2021

My second time visiting and helping at Lofoten Masters, the worlds northernmost surf competition, in Unstad. This was after some uncertainty because of the corona, but in Northern parts of Nordic it had been a minor issue.

During my stay I also tried to take some photos of the surfers and the last day I made a short photo session also in the water. This year the partying was minimal because of the corona, but maybe that wil be better next year again.

NOTE! All 76 photos are available for download in HIGH RESOLUTION until end of February 2022. Please first check the slideshows below and write down the filenames you want to download. They are in the left bottom corner of the image. Then go to Sailpix Wetransfer account HERE, click “Preview” and download the images that you have chosen. You are not allowed to use the photos for commercial use, but personal or surf club use is okay. Enjoy the photos and see you in Unstad!


Wednesday training


Thursday – day 1


Friday – day 2


Sunday – day 3


Lofoten Masters 2021 videos published on Sailpix Instagram-account @eriksailpix