Hanko Regatta 2022

Finally out with some photos from the 2022 Hanko Regatta. Busy with opening the first exhibition at my new Hanko office “Kulturvärk i Hangö” including a gallery space. This is a multi-purpose space for meetings and exhibitions.

The regatta itself was sailed all days in really light wind, with delayed start every day. The foiling Moth class could not race a single race. Really sorry for those guys. Also the photos miss some action, but thanks to the thin clouds in some of the photos there is a really nice diffused light.

Most photos are from Friday. On Saturday I was shooting video and on Sunday photographing F18 class.


Saturday photos

Race area IV: Formula 18 (25 photos)

Race area I: Offshore classes (11 photos)

Saturday photos

Race area I: Offshore classes (3 photos)

Friday photos

Race area I: Offshore classes (12 photos)

Race area II: Hai, Dragon, Folkboat, 5m (33 photos)

Race area III: 8mR, 6mR, First 31.7, H-boat, J80 (39 photos)

Harbour (6 photos)

RESULTS (link to manage2sail)



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