Hanko Regatta 2016

The one and greatest Hanko Regatta was sailed on the second weekend of July in varying winds and some fog on Saturday morning. Almost 200 yachts in 17 different classes on 4 separate race areas during three days makes it a popular regatta for a hardcore sailor and for less serious holiday sailors as well. Sorry for not having any photos of the Moth class. I was just not on the right place on the right time.

25 photos from Saturday, race area C (5m, 606, Hai, Albin Express, Finn, Folkboat)


105 photos from Saturday, race area D (6mR, 8mR, A-boat, Dragon, First 31.7, H-boat, J80)


265 photos from Sunday grouped in 16 classes

5m (4)


6mR (56)


8mR (24)


606 (28)


A-boat (4)


Albin Express (6)


Dragon (3)


F18 (13)


Finn (16)


First 31.7 (28)


Folkboat (10)


Hai (16)


H-boat (16)


J80 (12)


LYS (22)


other (8)

The regatta results are available on the Hanko Regatta webpage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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