Finn training in Hanko

Let me tell you about the strange incident that lead to these nice photos.

Yesterday, 4th of July, I went to the local S-Market in Hanko shopping some food. On the way in I saw a drunk guy walking wrong way through the closed entrance gate carrying two boxes of beer in his hands. A clear shoplifter (myymälävaras). Something had to be done. A group of young guys entering the store after me also noted what was happening. We agreed to catch the guy and ran after him. He had disappeared behind the corner where two of his, also drunk, friends were waiting for him. They were quite surprised or maybe also so drunk that they didn’t fully understand what was happening. Without touching the guy I grabbed the handle of one beer box and one of the young guys grabbed the other box. Without any greater fight we were able to get the beers back.

First after returning the beers to the store personnel I noted that these young guys are sailors. After saying hello and a short chat we agreed that I come out to take some photos of them next day. Found out their training time with one Messenger message and here the result.

And these are not just any sailors. The third sailor you might know from the Olympics.


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