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HSS Spring Cup 2014

Traditional HSS Spring Cup (ex. Suunto Cup) with 38 yachts in six different classes: 606 (9), Albin Express (5), Dragon (5), Folkboat (4), First 31.7 (10), X-99 (5) . Totally two races were sailed on Saturday. On Sunday the wind was too light for sailing. 80 photos mainly from Saturday second race. Results.

Chuck Norris Challenge, HSS

First F18 ranking regatta of the season 2014 hosted by Helsingfors Segelsällskap together with Finnish Formula 18 Association and Finnish Sail Racing Organisation (FSRO). Just some photos (15) taken from the last start on Sunday while waiting for the Pro Sailor Race offshore sailors to come back from the “ocean”. Results.

Fundanything.com – Melges 24

Photo collection of Melges 24 yacht Fundanything.com helmed by Tomi Hakola. If you are wondering what this “Fund anything” means, this is what their webpage tells: “FundAnything is a fast, easy way to raise money online. Individuals or groups can create campaigns that highlight their personal stories or causes and explain in detail what they are trying to achieve by raising money.  The possibilities are limitless. You can use FundAnything to raise money for a business idea, tuition, medical emergency, volunteer […]

Melges 24 Finnish Championship 2013, HSK

Melges 24 Finnish Championship organized by HSK. Pictures from both Saturday and Sunday. View Slideshow  

Formula 18 Finnish Championship 2013, HSK

Formula 18 Finnish Championship organized by HSK. Pictures from Saturday and Sunday. View Slideshow  

606 Finnish Championship 2013, HSS

606 Finnish Championship organized by HSS. Pictures from 3 races on Saturday and 1 race on Sunday. View Slideshow  

H-Boat Finnish Championship 2013, UPS

H-Boat Finnish Championship in Uusikaupunki organized by UPS. Pictures from rainy Friday, when photographing in the rain and dim light was a real challenge. View Slideshow  

F18 and Nacra 17 training

Some photos of two Formula 18 and one Nacra 17 teams training around Melkki Island, Helsinki. View Slideshow  

X-99, First 31.7 and Albin Express Class Championships 2013, HSK

X-99, First 31.7 and Albin Express Class Championships organized by HSK. Some photos from Sunday. Results are available at the HSK result page. View Slideshow  

Fast Forward – Formula 18 Team

Photo collection of the Formula 18 yacht “Fast Forward” from the SPS ranking regatta. The team has an own Facebook page. View Slideshow