2021 Evli 12 Metre Worlds

Saturday 21.8.2021

Fifth race day in light wind.

Video: VIM crossing the finish line in the last race of the regatta.


Friday 20.8.2021

Fourth race day with wind around 10 m/s and big waves.

“Is it fair?”. Interview with “Thea” – Jan-Peter Andersen.


Thursday 19.8.2021

Third race day, but again no racing because fleet voted against racing in hard wind, which anyhow decreased to quite good conditions. Flica II only yacht out sailing, just for fun.

Photos (21) are from the harbour in the morning, Flica II sailing and from the dinner in the evening.

“What’s important?”. Interview with “Flica II” skipper Alexander Falk.


Wednesday 18.8.2021

Second race day, but no racing because of hard winds the whole day.

Photos (17) are from the harbour in the morning and from the dinner in the evening.

“What do we need?”. Interview with “Vim” skipper, Patrick Howaldt.


Tuesday 17.8.2021

First race day in foggy and rainy weather with varying wind.

Photos (31) from race 1 and 2.

“What’s the difference?”. Interview with “Vanity V” helmsman, Kari Loukola


Monday 16.8.2021

Pre-race day with two practice races in sunny and just partly cloudy weather in wind between 4-8 m/s.

Photos (88) from the practice races.

Photos (16) from the skippers meeting, after sail and prizegiving.

“Where did you disappear?” Interview with “Wings of Cowes” Johannes Gullichsen and Phillip Skafte-Holm.


Saturday 14.8.2021

Opening the Evli 12 Metre World Championship photo page with some (15) photos from the race harbour in downtown Helsinki where the crews are preparing their yachts.

Page will be updated every night with photos and videos from the races.
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