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Wessel & Vett Cup 2016, KDY

This year the Kongelig Dansk Yachtclub, being the oldest yacht club in Denmark, celebrates it’s 150th anniversary. The Meter Rule has an important role in the history of the yacht club. The 5.5m, 8mR and 12mR classes are racing in the Wessel & Vett Cup. For Sailpix this is the first regatta abroad, mainly for the first time to see the Finnish 12mR Blue Marlin racing with other 12mR yachts and also to follow the other Finnish yachts that are […]

Viaporin Tuoppi 2015, SuPS

The funniest and greatest wooden boat event in Finland organized by Suomenlinnan Pursiseura. This year already the 31st time almost 200 yachts racing along the shores of Helsinki. The light wind and sunny weather guaranteed that people enjoyed both racing on the sea and after sail in the Suomenlinna harbour. Totally 246 photos, but anyhow couldn’t get you all. If you are looking for a specific yacht it might be more comfortable to search direct in the Flickr Album.

Viaporin Tuoppi 2014, SuPS

The 30th Viaporin Tuoppi with many sail yachts outside of Helsinki in the biggest wooden yacht event in Nordic. The light wind and sunny weather guaranteed that people enjoyed both racing on the sea and after sail on land. Some extra after sail photos have been published in the Sailpix Facebook group For quicker searching of a specific photo, please, check the Sailpix Flickr album. More Viaporin Tuoppi photos at Jorma Rautapää’s Sails and Sea webpage.

Musto Classic 2013, BS

Musto Classic regatta organized by BS had some dramatic collissions and one broken rig this year. These pictures are from the peaceful Sunday afternoon. Musto_2013_results. View Slideshow  

Viaporin Tuoppi 2013, SuPS

Viaporin Tuoppi is the biggest annual wooden yachts event in the Nordic countries. Not only the sailing along the shores of Helsinki is important, but also the famous, wild, incredible after sail party at the Suomenlinna Island. View Slideshow  

Champagne Regatta 2013, HSS

Jacquart Baltic Classic Master Cup “Champagne Regatta” is a classic yacht regatta organized by HSS. View Slideshow  

Viaporin Tuoppi 2008, SuPS

Some pictures from the biggest race for wooden yachts in rainy and foggy weather outside of Helsinki.  

RRegatta 2008, ESF

6mR and 5.5m yachts in tough weather at Pentala in the first ranking race of the season.  

RRegatta 2007, ESF

ESF organized the nowadays very famous RRegatta first time in 2007. The RRegatta is well known for the wild aftersail party in the “Paven” clubhouse at Pentala island.  

Evli 6mR Class Championship 2006, HSS

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