Category : Training

Season end 2014

Last time out with the RIB photographing seaside action. HSS Sailing Center season end and two funny kitesurfers in Merisatama, Helsinki.  

NJK Junior training

Photos from two NJK junior training sessions in September 2013 with Laser Radial and 29ers. View Slideshow  

Moth sailors training

Some nice photos of Moth sailors training outside of Lauttasaari (Ferry Island, Helsinki) in a September evening. Open Slideshow  

Lauttasaari Surfers at Sunset

Just a couple of photos of some surfers outside of Lauttasaari (Ferry Island, Helsinki) catched in the evening sun while photographing NJK juniors training. View Slideshow  

Women’s Zoom8 World Champion 2013

Catharina Sandman from NJK won Womens Zoom8 World Championship in 2013 assisted by her sister Cecilia Sandman who was fourth. Results. Here some photos of the sisters at a training session in September. View Slideshow  

F18 and Nacra 17 training

Some photos of two Formula 18 and one Nacra 17 teams training around Melkki Island, Helsinki. View Slideshow  

X Sail Racing Team training sessions

The X Sail Racing Team is organizing sail training for all offshore sailing teams. Here some pictures from two separate training sessions 16.5.2013 and 30.5.2013.

SM-40 Training, HSS

Audi Match Race Center at HSS is active still late in the autumn. Here some shots from their training with the SM-40 match race yachts. Open Slideshow  

Two Formula 18 catamarans training

This could be the last sail photo session of the season 2011. Two F18 catamarans training outside of HSS. Open Slideshow  

Surfers in Hanko

Surfers at Tulliniemi beach in Hanko in up to 25 m/s wind. Open Slideshow